Under the stones

  • Nature is where everything begins and ends

    In the middle is our collection of rocks

    Love is where all begins and ends

    We are on the middle

  • Nature is free and healthy at the end of the buildings, of our agendas; at the beginning of the city and under the stones. Sometimes there is no time to go to the field and take the day to be, exist, dream, invite loved ones and share. In the city, the pavement tells us where to go, we have responsibilities, commitments and the structures accumulate creating traps with a facade of protection.  


    “Under the stones” are large paintings, one square meter or more, that seek to recreate the sensation of lying down in a field of flowers. Three square centimeters equals an hour of painting, on average. A deliberate action to remove all possible haste and highlight the infinite and profound richness of a moment.