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We were born from rivers, mountains, plants and animals..

We are made with all the tears that have been cried and all the tears that have been laughed. With the hugs, dances, recipes and stories that were once shared; with the lives of our ancestors and the air, soil, water and stars that contain them. 

We are wild nature and stars. Our blood vessels resemble rivers, waterways, corals, the veins in the vegetables we eat, and the leaves on trees that, if you look close enough, also contain the urbanism of entire cities. The landscapes outside are the landscapes within. Being part of something as big and real as nature, the universe, having it inscribed on our skin, humbles our eyes and brings peace to our hearts. It makes us sacred and priceless.

I paint to stop time. Shapes and ego disappear in details made of dots, lines, sigils and fractals. Structures and expectations are diluted. The details bring us back to purity, to the infinite richness of life and to the eternal present.

With my painting I create portals and mirrors that invite us to stare, breathe and fill ourselves with the purest and most exuberant life. With my work I fight so the love for the other (animal, vegetable, mineral, element or human) is an extension and expression of self-love; so that we stop exploiting nature and ourselves. A tree is worth more than a chair, and time is not to be consumed but to be loved.

  • Pictures: Beatriz Sokol
  • Night Pegasus (Pegaso Denoche)

    His passion for painting started when she was able to pick up a crayon at two years old, since then she never stopped. Her first word was the name of the dog and what moved her the most from such an early age were animals and their purity.The passion and curiosity for plants was given to her by her mother, who since she was a girl asked her to go to the garden to cut aloe for her wounds, but first to ask it permission. She always felt that they protected her and listened to her.

    She chose the name Pegasus as her artistic name because it is a symbol that secretly accompanied her and gave her peace, so much as painting. From a very young age, she fantasized about becoming one and flying free to all places and dimensions.

    Pegasus is a mythological figure that symbolizes unity, imagination, desire and freedom. She unites earth and sky, gods, heroes and mortals. She unites Mother Nature and the spirit in order to explore and bring all kingdoms together.

Andrea Chauvet Almazán (1985, Cuernavaca, Morelos), studied Plastic Arts with a specialization in Painting and Cultural Management at the University of the State of Morelos (UAEM). In 2011, as a curator and manager, she opened a space for artistic residencies in México City, Oficina de Arte. It functioned as an incubator for emerging artists and a meeting platform for different art agents.

In 2014 she curated, researched and wrote the catalog Somos creadores that brings together the work of 200 national artists under the curatorial line of travel, landscape, exploration and self- exploration. This book is the first largest compilation that has been made in México of national artists. In its content, the contextual vision of 200 artists is shown, which in turn generates a document of the landscape of contemporary Mexican art. In 2017, she was the curator in charge of setting up two artistic installations for the Bahidorá Festival, where she also exhibited an installation as an artist.

As an artist, she has participated in some collective exhibitions in the interior of the Mexican republic. In 2011 she exhibited individually in Cuernavaca, Morelos her titling project Más puertas. In 2023, she exhibited her project Superbloom individually in CDMX at MomoRoom. She has worked and collaborated with artists Julius Von Bismarck, Yvonne Venegas, Grace Quintanilla, Sebastian Romo and Jan Hendrix, among others, as well as curators Paola Santoscoy and Abaseh Mirvali.